Purchase Smart Glass Today

If you’re serious about getting an investment then you should buy smart glass for your office. That’s because this type of glass is something that’s really unique. With it, you would be able to provide people and yourself privacy. It’s something that you could use for confidentiality. Basically, this kind of glass is something that looks opaque or translucent. When you apply electricity on it, you would be able to make it transparent. However, it does more than just change its opacity. It’s got properties that can stop UV rays from penetrating, is eco-friendly, has an appealing look, and is highly durable. This is why many construction experts and business owners highly recommend it. Although it does cost more than the average glass, it’s something that has a lot of features to it that are quite helpful.

How does it work, you ask? It’s fairly simple. This glass does not have any film on it that can be brushed off or damaged. It’s composed of two pieces of glass that’s got PDLC or polymer dispersed liquid crystal in between. Without any electricity on it, you would look translucent or opaque. In order to make it transparent, you would have it plugged in an electricity source. How much electricity does it consume, you ask? Many experts say that it only requires about 0.5 watts per square foot in order to function properly. Also, what’s best about it is that it’s resilient and durable. To be specific, it’s not only made of strong materials but can also be used over one million times without any technical problem. That’s why this type of glass is used in residential, commercial and healthcare facilities.

This is great for commercial use because it can give your office or business establishment a professional look. It’s useful for places where climate and weather change is frequent because it can be used to control light and temperature. Likewise, it can also make sure that ultraviolet rays of the sun and microorganisms plus dust are prevented. When you use this for your building, it would be possible for you not only to make your customers or employees comfortable but also get most if not all of the equipment that you have protected from various things. It can also let help you make sure that the people who are working for you would be able to function well without any distractions and with privacy. Where could you have this glass placed? The answer is almost anywhere. You could try installing some on your conference room, if you want, so that you would be able to have meetings without disturbances.

This is also great for hospital use. When you use a privacy glass, you would be able to give your patients the chance to feel comfortable before, during and after any patient care. Your patients would not only be at ease throughout their care when you use a smart glass but they would also be able to recover quicker. It can also give healthcare employees the benefit of being able to work with confidentiality as well.