Types of Living Water Pond Aerators

Whether you are installing a man-made pond, or want to make a natural pond on your property a little more pleasant, if you haven’t considered investing in a pond aerator you definitely should. Pond Aeration is important because it prevents land-locked ponds from suffering many of the less then attractive symptoms of naturally occurring stagnant ponds by allowing for the introduction of oxygen into the water, and allowing for the release of noxious gasses that can collect at the bottom of ponds. This means that even a pond that is not fed by a river or spring-fed can be a pleasant location, capable of sustaining aquatic life. Consider this review of products from Living Water Aeration systems as a good place for you to start your search:

Diffused Aeration Systems

Pond Aerators of this type are the most popular system for ponds deeper then six feet. They are powered by electricity, and operate from the bottom of the pond, making their effects discreet, and the land unit easily concealable. Quality AirPro Pond Aeration units are sold for a number of different pond sizes for a range of prices varying on the size of the pond, with many units handled by the company being meant for ponds of only 1/20th of an acre. While this may seem daunting, the units are simply labelled so that a hobbyist with any level of technical knowledge will be able to get exactly what they need. Models are available between $425 and around $3000.

Deluxe Aeration Systems

This unit is a more heavy duty pond aerator unit which includes a cooling fan, along with pressure valves and gauges in a customisable locking cabinet. The unit requires some assembly, but it’s nothing the handy man couldn’t manage after reading the directions. If the idea scares you, it might be more then you need. The boxes are made of solid steel, and both the box and unit can be purchased under variable warranty. Between the larger job and high quality build, these units run between $1200 and $3600.

Garden Aerators

These smaller, Pond Aerator units are for smaller ponds, such as decorative and koi ponds. Many of these units, well priced at between one and six hundred dollars also come with a warranty.

Windmill Aeration Kits

Exactly what they sound like, these pond aerator units operate exactly the same way as Diffused Pond Aeration Units, but are powered by the wind, meaning a decreased energy bill. These units are available in a number of colours and patterns, and with heavy duty hosing, and frames made of high quality American galvanised steel. Depending on the kit, these pond aerator units cost between $1250 and $2300.

Shallow Aerators
Shallow aerators are ideal for ponds less then seven feet. They are quite, energy efficient and easy to assemble. Depending on the size required, these units are either $450 or $750.

Solar Powered Aerators

These Diffusion aerators run by solar power are cheap to purchase and even cheaper to run, though after a good charge they can run for up to three days without sunlight. These units, available for between $6500 and $13000also come with self-cleaning membranes, sound reducing technology, and brass hardware. Livingwater also offers free shipping on all of it’s solar pond aerators.

High Oxygen Surface Aerators

Another option for shallow ponds, these units move high volumes very quickly to aerate ponds under five feet deep. These heavy-duty pond aerator units selling for between $900 and $3000 from the trusted Kasko Marine Company can operate in fresh or salt water.

Living Water Aeration
The surface of the pond aerators and accessory inventory that this company offers has hardly been scratched in this introductory overview of pond aeration technology. The review is not yet complete however, as the website itself counts as a service. By offering an impressive selection of all of the different kinds of products offers in a user friendly and easily navigable website with live chat available, not only the products are to be considered when shopping with Living Water.