Who We Are

Our Team

What is Airsoft? Our team consists of more than 14 players who live in or near Hoffman Estates, IL and like to play airsoft.  We all enjoy the feel of guns and SWAT-like tactics.  We have no primary location; we change our locations all the time, whether its in an abandoned house to a large field, we’ve played it all!  We are always looking for new players and we have few rules.

Game Times and Location Information

Our games are named by the letters of the military alphabet. We play at various locations and  different times updated in the ‘Game Times’ section on our forum. Once we have your information from the sign-up form we will give you directions to our next game.  It is your responsibility to arrange for a ride to and from the location. We do not display the location publicly due to security reasons.


  • You cannot play without goggles (eye protection)
  • It is illegal to shoot at animals or pedestrians
  • No shooting team-mates
  • We do not have strict “military rules” like some airsoft clubs; we play to have fun.
  • Orange tips on the end of the gun are required by law


Some Game types We Have Played

Team survival: Two teams face off and the last team alive wins (eliminate the other team).

Survival: Every man for himself.  Last one alive wins. Very rarely played.

2 v 2 v 2: Three teams of two players each face off at different starting locations.  Other variations possible (3 v 3 v 3, etc).

Pilot: One team must escort a player with a pistol (pilot) to a base to win.  The other team defends the base or shoots the pilot to win.  When the pilot dies the game ends.